LivOnyx thinSpray™ hand sanitizing systemThe LivOnyx thinSpray™ hand sanitizing system is positioned to become the new standard of care for hand hygiene in healthcare settings and beyond.

The team at Livonyx has spent significant time studying hand hygiene amongst healthcare workers, patients and visitors throughout the ecosystem of care in clinical environments. Based on this ethnographic research, a clear need exists for a hand hygiene solution that is quick to perform, leaves hands dry, facilitates hand health, optimizes workflow around the patient, and eliminates clinically important pathogens, including C. difficile spores.

LivOnyx has explored a wide range of antiseptic solutions and application technologiesLivOnyx has explored a wide range of antiseptic solutions and application technologies at its laboratory at the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center in Lowell, MA. The company has demonstrated proof of concept that its antiseptic, LVNX-001, applied by the company’s patented thinSpray™ system, rapidly inactivates clinically-relevant resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE in 3-4 seconds. Separate in vitro time kill studies confirmed that 3 second exposures of LVNX-001 inhibit C. difficile spores.

Please see our conceptual video to gain a better understanding of how a healthcare worker uses the rapid hand hygiene system as well as how our antiseptic is dispersed to the surface of the hand using the thinSpray™ technology.